Crossing the Threshold

Republicans are working hard for a new election landslide and they will have earned it if they receive it.  Democrats are campaigning in a lack luster fashion this election season and certainly are not as visible.  Republicans have put their brightest stars up front, with polished and widely adhered to talking points.  They’ve also managed to leash some of their more radical voices by telling them to avoid media outlets considered unbiased or not biased in their favor.  Democrats have put the one person out there with the highest profile and reputation right now for low approval ratings, who many of their base feel has let them down.

       Republicans are pulling out all the stops with a traditional Republican effort, the Tea Party Republican effort and the omnipresent wealthy corporate backing.  Democrats have not been fighting as hard as they could have.  At least it wouldn’t seem so; it’s almost as if they’ve caved before the bell has even sounded.
       It would seem while one side has fought like their lives depended on it, the other was willing to lie down as if their lives depended on it.  While one played catch up the other slowed their roll.  

       All the pundits are calling for huge GOP wins.  The polls say the house is almost surely clinched and the senate may be too.  Reporters and news anchors discuss the same thing.  There seem to be no voices anywhere predicting anything else.

        It makes sense given the state of things.  Unemployment is high and the last few economic reports have been mostly dour.  Wall Street is still doing relatively well, but those numbers have failed to stave the widespread feelings of gloom.  People often vote with their emotions and when things are as tense as they are right now the votes will go the way of a path out of the gloom.

        There is but one alternative being advertised to the current popular brand of laundry detergent.  This year instead of Cheer we go with Tide, at least that’s what we’re being told will happen.  The GOP is set to take the stage, and already celebratory tones are being sounded.

       Assuming that occurs, the hope is we will see something new.  The hope is this time it will be different, not just another case of the other team winning. 

       The real question is how will they do?  How will they do at significantly improving our society in two years?  How will they do at helping solve our national problems?  Will they be a force for change?  How so?

       Just yesterday morning, Amy Kremer, Chair of the Tea Party Express, used Scott Brown as an example of a Tea Party candidate victory. (  But, Scot Brown was widely labeled a turncoat by many in the Tea Party for immediately being the key vote in helping pass a Democrat sponsored jobs bill.  He has turned out to be a mainstream middle of the road conservative, and not a traditional back to the roots of conservativism candidate like the Tea Party typically puts forward.

       If the Tea Party candidates turn out like him they will be just middle of the road candidates, but that’s not what they are saying the entire movement is about.  In fact they are eschewing middle of the road conservatives and have told most to stop talking to the press. 

       So the big question now is what sort of leaders will they be?  Will they be like Christine O’Donnell or like Scott Brown?  Will they be willing to do the hard work of stepping across party lines or will they seek to block votes and use their position as a way to make statements?

       What kind of country will we have two years from now as a result of the new brand of conservatives in government?  Will it be more competent, thorough and forward moving?  Will we be moving closer to closing the gap in the global education race we have begun to lose?  Will we producing more competent, intelligent and bright young minds?

       Will we see the gap in income disparity between men and women closed through meaningful legislation?  Will we see more class or social harmony as a result of their legislation? 

       Will the economy have improved because of things they did, like their promise to stop all stimulus money from being distributed or further stimulus injections?  Will we have a more efficient health care system because of their promise fulfilled to completely rollback the universal health care bill, social security and Medicare?

       Will Wall Street be more responsible and more respectful in their attitudes towards everyday Americans because of meaningful legislation?  Will the wages and lives of middleclass Americans which have stagnated since the 70’s start to improve, or will the gap between the wealthy and middle class continue to grow in our country?  Will we feel closer together and better as a nation two years from now?  Well, if the news is right, and they usually are about these things, we will know what kind of leadership they will provide over the next two years.  

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