Workers Defense Project Protests E-Verify!


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On Wednesday , September 14th Workers Defense Project and allies gathered outside U.S. Representative Lamar Smith's office in Austin, TX to protest his proposed E-Verify Law/Legal Workforce Acy bill.  The E-Verify Law/Legal Workforce Act would require all employers to verify the documentation status of potential employees electronically as a pre-requisite for work. This would be devastating to immigrant communities around the US and would wind up pushing those who already make low wages further into poverty and into the underground economy, working for employers who care even less about labor and human rights than they already do. Congressman Lamar Smith, who has an office in Austin, is one of the supporters of E-Verify. It is important for us to show Lamar Smith that the residents of Austin are opposed to this unjust and discriminatory law. Join us outside of Lamar Smith's office here in Austin to demand justice for immigrants!

Protest organized by Workers Defense Project.

If you would like to learn more about E-Verify please visit:

Photography by Jason Cato. Video produced for Austin Indymedia by Jeff Zavala.

A ZGraphix production.


Re: Workers Defense Project Protests E-Verify!

How is this law unjust? If you accept that countries can control who crosses their borders, then you accept that some immigration laws are just. I, and a majority of citizens, would like to see effective enforcement of the laws we do have and some minor changes to them. I'd like the terms for compassionate visas loosened and I'd like the number of H1-B's reduced while their terms are loosened so that their recipients can't be treated as virtual slaves.

Times are tough. There's little popular support for increasing the flow of immigrants into the job market, and the unhindered flow of immigrants in the 90's was one of the reasons wages remained flat as productivity soared.

Tactically, the last widespread amnesty was passed during Reagan's presidency by coupling the amnesty with promises of tougher enforcement of the more liberal immigration laws. Opposing enforcement efforts is a losing strategy.


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