Many Obama supporters jumping ship to Swenson in 2012. Swenson has shot at White house in 2012

 "OBAMA IS NO FDR or RONNY but a clown acting like a crack head on the loose with a stolen credit card." (ART Swenson)

The Obama Gov did nothing for these poor flood victims 

Arthur Swenson "I have a good chance to win current candidates are inept the public wants them out.The average voter is sick and tired of Obamas (Impeach him) fumbling the future of The United States away. The other candidates are not much better. 
It's time for a change to common sense.Arthur Swenson has a simple 7 point plan to bring the USA back on track. 
Point one. Stop giveing money away to other nations help America First 
point two. Drill for our own oil in the usa. We have the secound largest worlds oil reserves. 
Point three. Bring our troops home let the world defend themselfs. 
Point four. put tariffs on all imports from other nations. 
Point five. Give loans to companys to make goods in the USA so We no longer import them. 
Point six. Give small business loans to small start up companys over one half of US jobs are made by small business.
Point seven. Call the wall street 99% ers ( really a small group of nut jobs)what they are bumbs who do not want to work.They want hand outs. Toss the park poopers out of our parks. 
Do these seven things and America will bounce back on top fail to do these were headed quickly to become a secound rate nation. As well as headed into a depression.
Vote for Arthur Swenson it's just common sense. write him in on the ballot.
Average starving american. 

Art Swenson past movie star and Americas only hope I aprove this message.



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