Fair Food Austin Stands With Farmworkers-Chipotle Day of Action for Coaliton of Immokalee Workers

 Members of Fair Food Austin and allies rallied outside the Mueller Chipotle restautant yesterday as part of the National Chipotle Day of Action.  Photos by Jason Cato.

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Chipotle National Day of Action: July 25th, 2012! 

Food With Integrity? Tell Chipotle to respect farmworkers' rights by holding an event at your local Chipotle Mexican Grill location

This July 25th, conscientious consumers from New York, D.C., Austin, Philly, and citiesacross the country are calling on Chipotle to respect the rights of farmworkers who pick the tomatoes that go into Chipotle burritos by asking Chipotle to commit to a Fair Food Agreement. 

Join us for the National Chipotle Day of Action by participating in one of the actions already taking place or organizing an event of your own. Thus far, Chipotle has refused to come to the table with farmworkers to sign a Fair Food Agreement, which would secure a wage increase and basic labor protections for workers in the fields of Florida. Take up the call to demand that Chipotle live up to its ethical image and help put an end to farmworker exploitation by making a long-term, transparent commitment to human rights. 

It's time for Chipotle to join ten other major corporations already doing the right thing. Chipotle has built its more than 1200 stores and $2.27 billion revenue on an image of serving “Food with Integrity.” Yet, their refusal to join the Fair Food Program threatens to undermine the historic progress being made toward ensuring farmworkers’ human rights. 





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