MindfulVotes - Send Mindful Leaders of Color to the RNC / DNC


We're going into the belly of the political beast to help people reconnect to their fundamental sanity in an election year that has felt insane.

MindfulVotes is a dynamic campaign to galvanize ALL people that aspire to bring mindfulness into every aspect of their lives - and the resulting values of love, compassion and inclusivity - to the fore of American politics. No matter where we stand on the political spectrum, HOW we vote and engage matters.


To kickoff the campaign, Transformative Change,* with the support of all who value mindfulness, in just two weeks, is sending a team of four leaders of color to the Democratic and Republican Party National Conventions to teach meditation, yoga, tai chi and other mindfulness practices there and sign people up to pledge to vote mindfully on Election Day.

They will be teaching at an "Oasis" - a space at the conventions sponsored by Arianna Huffington and Huffington Post.

*Transformative Change and YogaVotes, are anchoring the MindfulVotes campaign.

Why Does This Matter?

It's time to liberate our politics from negativity and closed-heartedness. And, by bringing an anchor team of people of color, we will change the way mindfulness practices and embodiment are represented in this important and highly visible venue.

Meet the MindfulVotes Crew

Rev. angel Kyodo, Muki, chandra, Zochi
This committed team are trained in leading meditation, yoga and tai chi. This same team anchored the Transformative Social Change Track at the 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit. 

Read their bios here.




How Can I Get Involved?

Keep in Touch
There's much more coming. To stay informed, be the first to view the new MindfulVotes website and participate in small group circles or teleconferences, get on the email list by emailing us at mv[at]transformativechange[dot]org

If you're an instructor/teacher and can come join us.

The campaign needs help. Tell us what you want to do.

If 100 people give $50, we'll make our goal. We can't do this without your support. Literally ever dollar helps and airfares are quickly rising. Donate here

If you have access to discretionary funds, grant this project.

Can't Donate? 

This campaign is just getting off the ground and it depends on word of mouth. Copy and paste this link http://www.gofundme.com/11jcn8 into Facebook and spread the word!



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