How Can The United States Save Money?



How Can The United States Save Money? 

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1. end the trillions of dollars spent on immoral and illegal wars, wars which kill and maim people, animals, and mother earth and which make war profiteer billionaires bloated by blood money

2.  Bring the troops home from Korea, Germany, and many other countries who wish to defend themselves.

3. end the corruption, pricegouging, and theft of the hospital-pharma-medical industrial complex which has continued to steal from the American people and price health care out of rage... with a 17% rise in costs each year. Prescription drugs should be curtailed if generics are available.  Health insurance companies must be curtailed in their greed.

4. empower federal agencies to negotiate with international drug companies for the lowest possible prices.

5. end the immunity from liability given to drug companies who make and distribute toxic vaccines and other products... this immunity was given by the Republican congress under Senator Frist, hmself and his family billionaires from 'health care'

6. end the distribution of arms to other countries... as well as calling this arms mongering 'foreign aid'

7. end the jailing of those who use or smoke marijuana... at a cost of trillions of dollars in the last few decades

a. those jailed are not adding to the tax base

b. those jailed are costing their states money

c. the sale of marijuana could bring revenue to cash-strapped states

8. end the billions spent each year on torturing animals Many alternatives, more effective, more nonviolent, and at an infinitesimal cost of current expenditures, are available

9. end the use of electronic voting machines as several countries have already done... since these voting machines cost 5 times as much as paper systems and since they are so easily hacked.. It should also be illegal for families of candidates to own voting machines.

10. Multiply by many times the amount of money paid by plutocrats to lease OUR air waves and to make TRILLIONS by forcefeeding us ads. At the same time decentralize the ownership of these airwaves and enforce the law, currently being violated by ABC Disney and others, that no foreign company can hold a significant portion of stock in these companies. (Others suggest that the airwaves no longer be held by corporations but by nonprofits and/or local municipalities.)

11. ending the practice of giving oil leases to foreign oil companies... such as BP of the UK, Shell of the Netherlands, Sinopec of China. Return the property of the people (mining, oil, etc.) to the government, profits to be used for education, health care, environmental reclamation etc.

12. Penalize with taxes those who outsource jobs from the US. Reward with tax breaks those who employ US workers.

13. pass federal mass transit legislation which overrides Republican governors Kasich, Scott, and Walker who have stymied trains.  Put caps on prices criminal multinational oil companies in coconspiracy with Wall St price speculators can charge for gas

14. make food stamps into fruit stamps... so that recipients can use them for healthy fruits and vegetables.... and not for toxic meat, fish and dairy which waste money, cause human disease, animal agony, environmental desecration and energy waste.

15.  Double the number of admissions to medical schools.  Healing should not be a monopoly.

16.  repeal the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act which wastes law enforcement time investigating nonviolent animal protectors while enabling the continued torture of animals by huge corporate factory farms, slaughterhouses, animal research laboratories.

17. End the bankster fraud which costs ONE TRILLION IN INTEREST each year.  Balance the budget through the above and other ethical steps.

18. Eating mammal, bird, and fish flesh and dairy products cause a host of diseases which end up costing the health care system money.  Cancer, heart disease, stroke, food poisoning, rheumatoid and other arthritis, kidney dysfunction, Alzheimer's are only some of the thousands of diseases caused by eating animals or their products.


Footnote: A pound of mammal flesh takes 81 times the production energy that a pound of tree fruit takes. It is possible to put a peach seed in the ground and come back a few years later to gather fruit.  Animal and fish flesh must be frozen at every step of the slaughter and transportation process.  Animals are given veterinary care. They are fed and watered. Their waste is cleaned up (and in many cases dumped into nearby streams and rivers to pollute the world's waters.
These are just a few of the thousands of ways the USG could save money.

Montana State University tried to justify mass sheep flocks' deforestation by a study included in the article linked below.

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