Summary of fbi crimes against me


See the links below that contain evidence of multiple and ongoing crimes against me by the fbi in efforts to silence or kill  me.

Summary :

24/7 surveillance for two decades:
Assaults by street thugs/fbi operatives and police:
Fraudulent police "BOLO":
Assaults by high tech weaponry 24/7 and by bio-chem agents:
Home invasions & psychological assaults:
Strange , or assaultive behavior by many doctors, et. al., toward me:
Invasion of my body with chemicals and tracking devices:
fbi operative 'paint me doubtful' proclaims to the world that I am a possible "mass murderer":

fbi operative tells me: "kill yourself":
Secret harassment program:
fbi stages a crime, plants my name at the scene, & causes police to pay me a visit:
Why 911! a few causes & failures:

For twenty five years I have been surveilled 24/7 and for ten years I have been tortured by DEW by the fbi assassins in their efforts to imprison or kill me.

My affidavit:

The Age of Madness:
Congress corruption & fear of fbi:



Re: Summary of fbi crimes against me. Curriculum Recommendation for CJS

                                  Recommended Required Course For CJS Curriculum:


“Corruption of Culture and Concomitant Creation Of Police State By fbi’s Own Criminals And Their Cowardly Creepy Cronies In Congress”


Re: Summary of fbi crimes against me


Very good article was what I was looking for congratulations to the author.

novinhas do zap


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