fbi uses a form of classical conditioning on Targets

In early April, 2014, I reported that the fbi regularly uses Pavlov’s Conditioned Response technique on me as follows:

After I post reports the fbi sends at me the same female operative who has previously assaulted me many times at the library and in my home (by pouring toxic fumes into my residence which resulted in a medical condition requiring antibiotics); on this occasion the woman (a large, horrid, ugly and foul looking beast whom I have previously referenced in many of my reports) walks near me in the library, making sure that I see her. She leaves ten minutes later; that evening I am bombarded all night with increased DEW attacks, causing severe sleep deprivation. As Pavlov noted, "his dogs would begin to salivate whenever he entered the room." Each time this animal shows her repulsive face to me, I can reasonably expect a repeat of the same type of torture described above.

This type of Conditioned Response played on a human being is evidence of the way this nation intends to handle any activist or political Target.

Again, on April 27, 2014, as I enter the computer room at the public library, Brownsville, Texas, the same female operative makes sure that I see her when she crosses my path in the facility. That same nite and true to custom I am punished for my computer work by extremely intense DEW assaults causing the sleep deprivation and other symptoms that I have previously documented in part 19 of “My Story” and other sites. M
any assaults by this same woman are documented and witnessed by library officials in both Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas.

For those who hide this report, or who may attempt to discredit same, I add that the world will someday confirm all of my statements (including sworn affidavits at


http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/affidavit2_2014.pdf ).

and the torture, forced suicide and covert murders of Targets globally will be partly on your hands.

Thank you.

Affidavit 2014.pdf30.72 KB


Re: fbi uses a form of classical conditioning on Targets

Ironically, I seem to have similar experiences, especially in the library. They deploy a variety of chemical cleaning agents and pesticides if I stay there for any length of time and also put microscopic bugs in my bed.

Re: fbi uses a form of classical conditioning on Targets


And the trend and now be in torture with the new president's plans

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Re: fbi uses a form of classical conditioning on Targets

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