3M Shareholder Meeting Ends in Caribou Bloodshed!

(5/13/2014) Activists from ForestEthics  and Texas Campaign for the Environment gathered together to protest 3M's destruction of forests. The action took place at the Austin Convention Center on the day of 3M's Annual Shareholder Meeting. Protesters gathered because 3M uses controversially sourced unsustainable resources from endangered forests around the world. The depletion of these forests, leads to the degradation of the environment and the extinction of animal species including wild caribou. 


 ForestEthics spread the word about 3M's un-responsible practices by dropping banners off parking garages. The first banner was dropped on May the 12th and it said "3M Destroys Forests." The second was much larger and was dropped on May the 13th. It showed a Post-it Note checklist for 3M saying "3M To Do List: Destroy Forests (check), Pollute Communities (check), Mislead Customers w/ SFI (check), Do the Right Thing (unchecked)."


The activists also handed out pamphlets that showed visuals of 3M's bad practices. 

Most notably, the activists engaged in political theater where they dressed as corporate shareholders, massacring caribou with chain-saws.


Some facts about 3M's practices from ForestEthics:


90% of 3M's Post-it Note products contain no recycled content.


Post-it Notes are made with environmentally irresponsible paper that harms wildlife, destroys forests, and pollutes water.


3M sources fiber for many of its products from forests that are critical for endangered wildlife and mitigating climate change.


3M is greenwashing and misleading consumers when it stamps its products with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative's phony "eco-label."



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Re: 3M Shareholder Meeting Ends in Caribou Bloodshed!

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Re: 3M Shareholder Meeting Ends in Caribou Bloodshed!

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