USA Leads Humanity to Destruction

The former United States of America- USA (now an overthrown fascist-police state as molded by the most ruthless and murderous human fiends ever recorded in history), makes one strategic and fatal error in their march with allies toward world inhuman domination.

*In the war against all resistance the fbi,cia,doj,dod,nsa,nsc,mossad, surete, German SS, etc., and friends are on a worldwide killing, torturing and imprisoning spree which has no end, no restraint, no legal nor moral basis, and no conscience. War for the sake of war, killing for the sake of killing, and imprisonment to remove malcontents & the disenfranchised all support the USA economy, further empower the ruling class and falsely propping up the valuations of the dollar on the financial markets.

This means in part that most nations support the USA attack on humanity and such nations presently reconsider their role in the onslaught. In the sweeping juggernaut of death and destruction started and perpetuated by the USA , this nation overlooks this simple and obvious fact: The thugs who run the macabre war machine lose all good will everywhere and transform the world’s population into accomplices or fearful/terrified supplicants. The former then enforce in civil society the barbarism that defines the nation and the latter offer no constructive or creative solution to the dilemma that entraps them.

A few in the general population hold fast to their God given rights to self identity and self worth as they recognize that civilization is ethically bankrupt by corrupt, greedy and power crazed lunatics.

As the USA loses its support of the most creative and talented humans among us, so too the USA forfeits any claim to humane leadership because no one in his right mind supports a government whose motto should be publicly exposed as Murder Incorporated.

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