Educate the people against violence

Educate the people against violence

Much of the violence in the world today and for the past century is directly attributable to the fbi, cia, dod, doj, police, and their friends in congress and the courts. The fbi and police seem to take pride in the killing of people on the streets in the United States of America (USA).

Often, after the police and the fbi shoot the suspect/subject, the news media assist the fbi by feeding this line for consumption: “the suspect/subject has a history of mental illness” or “ …he stated he was angry and would not be taken alive”.

The unjust wars and useless battles waged by professional murderers (and snipers) in the employment of the dod and the cia also sometimes inspire some in the world to defend aggressively against perceived threats of more killings from the USA.

So, let’s set the record straight:

The 911 attack on the USA and many other deadly assaults on Americans (including the Benghazi slaughter) was in response to USA murderous aggression abroad.

In the USA the police state threatens most citizens and keeps people on edge; watch for example the police car behind you and question whether you are being studied by the cop; then, remember that the SCOTUS authorizes the police and the fbi to kill you if you flee in your car.

Additionally, the fbi and the police (with the support of the doj and State Attorneys, District Attorneys, et al) all engage in calumny and active harassment of political Targets at will and nationwide. This type of provocation is not always seen by the general public, until the police and the fbi kill the individual. Yet, as I have shown many men and women simply experience extreme stress at the assaults on them and sometime they evince signs of neurosis.

Thus, when you and your children seek to report strange or unusual conduct in the neighborhood and at school, take care not to accept the programming (such as the warning, “the signs are generally there, shooting in the cafeteria at 3PM”) and waiting to make you an accessory to government overkill and unwarranted assaults.

I am intimately aware of the awful program of harassment by the fbi who go to great length to discredit me in public, to hound and harass me 24/7, and to apply unrelenting torture against me for life.

I see the only defense that I have is the pen against their swords, and I make judicious use of this opportunity to educate the people.

Many persons do not try to explain to the world the dirty tricks and unfair harassment put upon them by government thugs and vigilantes; such Targets may become disoriented, confused, depressed, or otherwise exhausted by the gauntlet of violent advances upon his person and against his name. Such an insensitive public may also contribute to the dilemma facing him as he is being illegally and immorally pursued by the police, the fbi, and their secret operatives throughout society.

The brutal criminal justice system and the quasi-evil forces that run it are also part of the problems of unmitigated violence in our society and the world.

In my recent report I showed how the USA is with all of its violence, corruption and lack of leadership leading all mankind to a destruction of the humanity that distinguishes man from beast.

Over a decade I also tried to show that this nation in a sense brings upon itself the carnage that the USA puts on others globally; few read my report.

For more information on the violence in the world, and especially as caused by the USA see the following two links (note especially the link with the first report below to the ‘illegal CJS’ forged by the fbi):

Here the news media falsely characterizes the confused and distraught killer as suffering from ‘delusions’:

Finally, note that the fbi is fully aware of how to provoke their Targets into inappropriate behavior so that he may be arrested or killed; indeed, the Behavioral Science Unit at the fbi’s Quantico and headquarters locations are counseled by psychiatrists and other experts on how to drive a person truly crazy.

So, beware America of your trust in this overthrown regime, lest you unwittingly become an accessory to the most murderous band  of government thugs in human history: your very own fbi,cia,dod,doj, etc.

Thank you.



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