42nd Roe v. Wade Anniversary Celebration in Texas 2015

After a dreadful 2013 legislative session, tearful Supreme Court cases deciding the fate of our women's health clinics, and a statewide election that will only ensure further restrictions on women's choice, we are coming together for our 2nd annual Roe v. Wade celebration and its effects on liberating women to not only plan their families, but maintain full agency over their own bodies. Learn more at: http://riseuptx.org http://getequal.org http://safeplace.org https://mamasofcolorrising.wordpress.com Filmed / Edited by Jeffry Zavala, Grace Alfar & Michelle Dougherty. Music by Kiya Heartwood "Change (Is Gonna Come)" An Austin Indymedia Production. http://Austin.Indymedia.org/


Re: 42nd Roe v. Wade Anniversary Celebration in Texas 2015


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Re: 42nd Roe v. Wade Anniversary Celebration in Texas 2015

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Re: 42nd Roe v. Wade Anniversary Celebration in Texas 2015

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