Millions March Texas #BlackLivesMatter 2015

'Black Lives Matter' was the message advocated Saturday (1-17-2015) by the hundreds who rallied in Austin, TX and across the country. They began at the Martin Luther King Jr. statue on the East Mall of the University of Texas campus. Their mission was to march to the Capitol to protest police brutality. Walking a mile didn't take the breath away from these demonstrators, who stormed the Texas State Capitol building Saturday afternoon. They're a group that's calling for an end to police brutality and for the firings of both the Austin Chief of Police and a Houston Police officer, who shot an unarmed black man. "The first part in making an impression in making a difference, is that we have to show unity," said activist Treasje Mitchell. "We have to let them know that it's not just the young black people that this is effecting." Similar protests have happened around the country recently. They came in wake of the high-profile deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York City at the hands of police officers. Filmed / Edited by Jeffry Zavala & Grace Alfar. Music by K.R.U.E “Police Brutality” Story by Amber Downing An Austin Indymedia Production.


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Re: Millions March Texas #BlackLivesMatter 2015

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Very valid protest, congratulations. When the protest is peaceful, the results are the best possible. 

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Re: Millions March Texas #BlackLivesMatter 2015

Re: Millions March Texas #BlackLivesMatter 2015

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