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Fbi runs sophisticated rat experimentation on me


  Update to fbi continues the dark art of gaslighting 

picture2 Nov 2016 @ 02:15, by Geral W. Sosbee

Severe DEW (Directed Energy Weaponry) assaults on me keep me awake all night for several weeks and force me to struggle for sleep daily. Fbi watches and records 24/7/365 my reactions, including changes in blood pressure & pulse rate, signs of overweight and diabetes, mood swings, exhaustion, and other symptoms (as though I am an experimental rat). 

My wife is also sometimes attacked by the same sleep deprivation assaults. 

The fbi's nonconsensual human experimentation program and 'cover research', as applied on me and many others, is inhumane, crueL and criminal. The USA must never be forgiven for such heinous crimes committed by fbi/cia that I and others chronicle. Meanwhile, the fbi sends their street thugs and operatives to criminally assault me frequently and to engage in calumny just about everywhere I go. 

Geral Sosbee 




More on gaslighting incidents here :

The fbi systematically turns my neighbors hostile by spreading lies in Hispanic communities where I live. I am forced to move because of constant harassment by neighbors and vandalism of my residence. Police reports are on file for  a few such incidents when I lived at the following address:

2923 Madrid Street, Brownsville, Texas 78522
Jan. 1, 2015- June 15, 2016 

All harassment against me in the Madrid house was performed by my Hispanic neighbors who readily accept the calumny planted in their minds; this is ironic because the fbi assassins continue their vendetta because 45  years ago I reported fraud by the fbi in the case  of an *Hispanic woman whom I was ordered to arrest in Tampa, Florida. So, the neighbors are foolish and criminal in their assaults on me as directed by the fbi traitors who **manipulate the people at will.

In a different residence I was faced with an unending string of harassing events by another Hispanic woman who just could not contain her mindless animosity; she was directed by the fbi to try and provoke a response to her insane assaults.

3413 A N. Arroyo Park Lane (a duplex),Harlingen, TX 78550

Constant provocative assaults by female neighbor including placing dead animals in my patio, tarantula spiders in my front and back doors, chemicals on my plants, trespassing, sly efforts to engage me and my wife  in some type of verbal/physical reaction. The perpetrator was clearly an fbi operative and had ties to the police community.
Later a different operative forced me out by fumes. 

** From:
Further, the convolution of sentiment of the general population from civility to barbarity now spreads across the earth (like an artificially synthesized disease) under the authority of and in concert with USA sponsored wars which are vehemently pursued by the fbi/cia, et al. The result of the program to turn ordinary individuals into occasional government assassins and torturers is a world in chaos because the individual’s will power is often undermined by corrupt and murderous government agents and provocateurs. The world is become in a sense a battlefield for all inhabitants, not just those wearing military uniforms; the inimical animosity spreading across our global village portends ill for the future of mankind due to the willingness of the citizens to join in the fbi/cia's ever growing cesspool of assassins. 






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