My message to adversaries


Controlled media, all operatives and fbi assassins, culpable federal magistrate judges,  all in congress, University of Texas Police Bleier and Wilson & Chancellor, USPI Knipfing & his half wit sidekick who is  A & D Texas DPS cop Rodriguez, infamous fool Defective Detective Posada, Librarians like Hedgecock who knowingly  assist fbi in covert operations against me and all others who seek to harm me and my wife...

Your names or dirty characters are recorded in my reports, in "My Story In Detail " , in fbi's own records and in my thousands of posts online. I even photograph (and post)some fbi operative/assassins as they assault me in malls, Libraries, movies, etc.

The eternal shame on each of you resonates throughout history for all to see as examples of the degeneration of mankind. You, by your inhumane deeds that I chronicle, also assault people of good will everywhere by revealing your mindless and Godless nature as reflected in your criminal behavior in service to fbi's own murderers.

Finally the human monsters of fbi with your assistance  have doomed the USA. 

Their own thugs ironically record part of my legacy as one who always strove to correct injustices wherever I find them, especially in the sick minds of fbi/cia and their supporters globally:



Addendum: USPI is, like fbi, a disgrace I have documented several crimes committed by USPI Knipfing et al. in the office of USPI, including lies to congress, coverup of mail crimes by fbi against me, fabrication of crimes & threats by Knipfing and Rodriguez against me and my wife in my home, in my face and in retaliation for my reports of USPI/fbi crimes. The thugs of USPI seek to silence anyone who makes a prima facie case of criminal corruption of fbi/USPI. See my affidavits of 2007 & 2014 and my reports on Knipfing's threats which continue even now, years after he opens his fraudulent case on me. Meanwhile, fbi and Knipfing retaliate each time that I expose their heinous character in my posts. Thanks and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi and USPI and others who have overthrown the USA government, subverted the cowardly Congress and courts/judges, and threaten all of us by constant efforts at inimidation.


Re: My message to adversaries

USPI Knipfing continues to * monitor my posts in his fraudulent efforts to find a way to arrest me. He also violates FOIA for years because he and his thuggish friends at PI headquarters and fbi know that I will publish his little report in its entirety. Here is Knipfing's red flag threat:

* He visits my website today :

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