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The fbi office in Orlando, Florida, was waiting for me to arrive from Texas with their aggressive counterintelligence  (cointel) experts in deceipt & deception. Here is the story in brief:

I arrived at the Outlet Mall food court in Orlando and I and my wife were  verbally assaulted by two apparent operative/females. One operative tresspased into our table area asking for our 'receipts'. After I asked her to leave several times, she continued trying to provoke some other response from me. She left and a few minutes later & I took a photo of her and her little thug friend (tf); that photo is available at my GOOGLE PLUS site.

Then the tf hurried over to create a further public disturbance by yelling at me in my face. I calmly advised her that I am calling security and she then with her fbi operative associate hurried out of the area and exited the buidling.

Now, the fbi knows that if I respond in a manner that might cause a further disturbance, the police would create a record on me and my wife; 
the fbi also planned the anticipated police response to my police report which I filed the next day at about 1AM with the Sheriff on 2-7-17, case # 17-11739.

As anticipated by the fbi cointel expert in dirty crimes, the police recorded a probable paranoia conclusion, indicating to me and my wife that the police authorities are aware that some people do in fact look for and pick up receipts for food in order to fraudulently submit the receipts to their employer for per diem reimbursement. So, the police accepted the fbi operatives' deception which was well planned and orchestrated. The police report is therefore fslse, or misleading.

About eight hours after the fbi cointel caper the fbi agent or operative in Haines City Florida sent me a *notice subliminally that the fbi is tracking me in Orlando. I showed that notice to the police. Note that my first fbi assignment almost a half a century ago was the Tampa Florida office that covers Haines City out of the Lakeland office where I worked. A copy of the notice is shown below.

This post suggests that the fbi office in Orlando, like other fbi offices across the country, often play sophisticated mind games on Targets and on police; this should outrage cops, but it does not. Fraudulent stings and illegal provocations are the mainstay of many fbi crimes against persons and are used to incarcerate or kill Targets.

Thank you.


An anonymous and typically cowardly fbi agent or operative in Haines City Florida (F) is notified that I am temporarily in F , and he sends me the following notice that he and his associates in Florida track me (note that my first fbi assignment was in F):


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State  :  Florida

City  :  Haines City

Lat/Long  :  28.0573, -81.5687 (Map)

Distance  :  987 miles

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Re: Dirty COINTEL play by...

March 3, 2017
Today, I received the Sheriff's (SO) report # 17-11739 referenced above. The report was previously sent 2 weeks ago from the SO, but the fbi deleted it from my email. So, I requested another copy.

The report makes no mention of 'paranoia' and indicates accurately that , in my words quoted by the officer, "the fbi wants to kill him..."{'him' refers to geral sosbee}.

I am grateful to the officer , Janos Kelemen, Orange County SO, for his time and efforts.

Note that the fbi has sent female thugs and assassins at me many times in efforts to provoke a response for the past 30 years. All such plots have failed.

I have defeated their small minds countless times and the reader may understand that the USA's congress and courts are fully apprised of the fbi crimes against me and of the waste of taxpayer money (about $30-50 million).

Thank you and may Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy hands of the fbi/cia everywhere.

Re: Dirty COINTEL play by...

Thanks for the information and contacts. I will share it with my friends



Re: Dirty COINTEL play by...

 This is some pretty crazy information. Didn't know the fbi could be like that. I just trim trees, here is my site and don't see myself getting into any trouble.


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