US DOJ/fbi/CIA True Coiled Character


I  recently notified DOJ of fbi's continuing felonious assaults on me 24/7/365. I sent this link to Civil Rights division, asking for inquiry on heinous crimes by fbi against me:

 Here is the DOJ response:

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The USDOJ is an accessory to all fbi atrocities, assists fbi in crimes and covers up crimes against humanity perpetrated by fbi and cia globally. These groups of thugs in government strike at the heart of freedom and justice by killing all who adversely come within their reach. DOJ,FBI,CIA are the snakes squeezing all that is good out of mankind.


 The Missionary and Snake

Fbi/DOJ are one and the same damnable beasts.


Re: US DOJ/fbi/CIA True Coiled Character



The fbi often sends 'its' operatives online in fraudulent attempts to discourage people from visiting my sites. One such operative is fbi thug and apparent assassin is aka James Duval who also stalked and harassed me online for years. Here is his piece of online fbi neutralization efforts:


" 10 Of The Worst Websites Ever


By James Duval Posted on June 7, 2012"


James the Joker is proud of his deformity of mind, as are all fbi psychopaths, but many *visitors to my site from the above "sick chirp" link use the Joker' s link as a way to deflect attention from their serious study of my site at www. In this way the Joker provides a kind of invitation, inadvertently allowed by fbi chiefs, to come to my site as a curiosity measure.


The fbi also manufactures similar red herring links in several languages in response to growing global interest in my material.


* I consider such visitors as fearful, such as the regular visitor from Durham:




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Re: US DOJ/fbi/CIA True Coiled Character

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