Manufacture of criminals and mass murderers



Fbi agents create criminals and mass murderers

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The fbi (the 'burro')  thrives and feeds on crimes; and where expediency dictates the fbi manufactures crimes for show or for political purposes:

The fbi are masters of deceit, trickery and the dark art of gaslighting:

Deceit and trickery:

Gaslighting to drive the hapless and defenseless  victim insane:

More on fbi gaslighting :

The fbi has used all possible measures to provoke me, and recent history shows that in many cases the fbi succeeds in driving the victim crazy.

Neutralization Horrors, Invisible bullets, etc., courtesy of the 'burro':


I defeat fbi assassins by thwarting their evil intent:

Yet, fbi thugs including online disinformation agents don't stop the campaign to discredit:

Fbi operative online alleges that this Target of fbi kill program is a murderer and possible mass murderer. See: 
Cointel Program fbi Operative Falsely labels Combat War Vet a " Murderer"

Then, as I report DEW (directed energy weaponry) assaults to a M.D., he imitates fbi practice of fraudulently labeling this  victim ( a combat veteran) of fbi atrocities as paranoid. The same M.D. today presume to care for veterans at VA hospital.

The fbi spearheads *The Age of Madness by provoking and inviting crimes and by fraudulent stings and other manufactured 'crimes'.


UT COPS Bleier and Wilson and Army Intelligence: See their fraudulent BOLO on me and other provocative crimes (i.e.: assault & battery by Alonzo Yanez) coordinated with fbi and UT cops. Note that UT Chancellor and counsel also cooperated with the charade described in parts 19, a, b, c of "My Story In Detail".

Finally, the fbi causes a massive and ubiquitous program of assaults (including by toxic fumes pumped into our residences) and vandalism against me and my wife by neighbors, gangs and cops:

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi/cia everywhere.

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