Simple yet effective ways to increase your RSS subscribers


RSS subscribers are as valuable as the email subscriber. Gaining RSS subscriber is not an easy task, many bloggers even struggle to take RSS subscriber count of their blog to 2 digit count. There are many ways to increase RSS subscribers and here I am going to share some tips that will help you to improve the number of your RSS subscribers.

So, if you are also struggling to increase RSS subscribers and looking for tips to improve the RSS subscribers count then read this post till the last word.


1.      Write useful content: Useful and helpful content is the best way to get more RSS subscribers. A blog with valuable content gets more RSS subscriber than a blog with low quality content. High quality content is necessary the thing that make your first time visitor to subscribe to your RSS subscriber. So, you should write quality rich unique content which makes readers to love your blog.

2.      Offer freebies: Everyone love freebies, your readers will subscribe to your RSS feeds if you have something valuable to give them for free. You can give e-books, discount coupons, prize etc. to your readers in exchange of subscribing to your RSS Feeds. Make sure your freebies should be related to your blog content and useful for your readers as well.

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guUpdate Regularly: Another awesome way to increase RSS subscribers is updating your blog with relevant and useful content regularly. Updating your blog consistently is important because no one will like to subscribe to an inactive blog. By writing interesting and helpful articles you can easily increase your RSS subscribers.

4.      Use social media and wordpress Plugins: Social media can be great way to increase the RSS subscribers count. Use social media sites like Facebook , Twitter, Google plus, to promote your RSS subscription link. Wordpress plugins like GP Greet can also help to gain RSS subscribers. You can also use a pop up box with RSS subscription link.

5.      Write series posts: Writing series posts is a great way to increase RSS subscribers. You can choose any topic to write series posts. This will encourage the readers to subscribe the RSS feeds to read more posts related to that specific topic. If you have something unique and helpful content to deliver through your series posts then your readers will subscribe your RSS feeds for sure. 

6.      Place your RSS subscription button/link: It is always suggested to place the  RSS feed button/link on areas that can be seen by your readers easily. It is preferable to place RSS subscription button/link at the top of your blog or in the sidebar of your blog. By placing RSS buttons/links prominently on these two places you can improve the number of RSS subscribers.


7.      A call to action: last but not the least, a call to action. Ask readers to subscribe your feed by providing a RSS subscription link at the end of your posts. 




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