USA: A Nation Of Psychopaths Threatening The World



USA: A Nation Of Psychopaths Threatening The World Submitted by gsosbee on Sat, 2017-04-01 14:39

This report intends to reveal the psychopathology of our nation as directed by the fbi and its police state operatives and supporters.


My fellow citizens With great sadness for all I must advise you that this nation is become a home for homicidal psychopaths; this means that almost all people here are programmed to harm, abuse, slander, terrorize or murder others.

We are faced today with an invisible enemy: the violent nature of man and woman which is enlivened by a sinister and truly satanic government at war with the world as clearly represented in the murderous character of fbi/cia/police/military in our global society. In response to the awful conduct of our population which I have witnessed as a victim of and a material witness to high crimes, I conclude that…

…A nation and its people who deliberately engage in the systematic conquest, subjugation, torture, imprisonment and killing of others must by the laws of physics and divine nature have the same calamities delivered upon themselves.


My experiences reveal that police, fbi, doctors from all fields, lawyers, judges and the average citizen are ready en queue from others to engage in atrocities; further, I have observed that such assailants are eager and even delighted to harm others. See some of my reports on the gas lighting phenomena which is now an institutional tool used by fbi/cia/police and others. The leaders of the community including university officials and business magnates settle comfortably into their macabre culture which routinely evinces hostile actions against others. Lawyers and judges, especially the fbi’s federal magistrate judges (fmj), are today more like prostitutes and hired assassins than honorable people who they pretend to be, because they take for profit and self aggrandisement the side of the most abusive folks among us.

Men and women are , Freud stated, creatures whose instinctual endowments include a huge share of aggressiveness. (Civilization and its Discontents, 1930). My experiences as political Target of the fbi’s vendetta for over thirty years include repeated assaults by fbi operatives, police and members of the general population. Even fmj and legal counsels join in the festivities associated with the fbi’s COINTEL operations against me. Indeed, as I documented, the police help the fbi engage in crimes against my person while, at the same time the police commence fraudulent investigations in many locations.

The details of the University of Texas decade long criminal assaults on me by their police and fbi are found at and parts a,b, & c of the part 19 sequence. The objective of the fbi and the police provocative assaults on me appears to be ready to charge me with any kind of offense, so that the fbi might be able to imprison or hospitalize me for psychiatric reasons. This is a most sinister goal, but one which is embraced by all who accept fbi’s unlawful and criminal mandates. The fbi recently is especially and brutally abrupt in assaulting me. I have been knocked off my feet, threatened, grabbed, gassed and subjected to an assortment of other offenses by the fbi in order for them to fit me into a profile for criminal or civil prosecution. The blatant physical attacks on me in public invite a response to the crimes, but I do not respond. See my reports on ‘Committed to Healing’ online.

See recent assaults on me by fbi thugs:


The fbi is today obviously frustrated that I do not respond to their crimes against my person, even though I am trained to defend. The army and the VA should be very concerned that the intelligence community cowardly attacks a combat veteran of the Viet Nam war in such an evil manner as I have described; but they are not; instead the army intelligence officer actually helps the fbi try to provoke me. See part 19 mentioned above. Note that any veteran so treated by the fbi should be able to ask the SCOTUS for help, but that does not work either (see my WRIT). So, our civilization is being shaped by homicidal maniacs who are increasing in numbers everyday; many of us see the transformation of a civil society into a culture of meanness, aggressiveness, hatefulness and violence.

In one recent incident, I asked the fbi thug why he is pumping toxic fumes into my residence; he smiled. The links below reflect my recent studies and in response the fbi increases DEW (directed energy weaponry) attacks in retaliation for my posting them.

Alternate link:

Thank you and may Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all who are harassed, threatened, beaten, imprisoned, tortured, slandered and murdered by the fbi and their police community.

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