Fbi trains cops as serial killers



Fbi trains cops as serial killers

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Fbi trains cops as serial killers



The so-called fbi National Academy (aka the killing school) is the center and heartbeat of programming and indoctrination of police as psychopathic serial killers in the United States and in  other misled countries. 

Those cops who enter the killing school leave as fbi operatives without exception; they have become by the time of graduation thoroughly trained as homicidal sadists. Such fbi trained police are also subjected without their direct knowledge to subliminal mind control which makes them very dangerous, armed jackals turned loose on an unsuspecting populace. 

The cops so trained have also become subconsciously psychopaths who take pride in their macabre training at the fbi National Academy,  but the truth is that they are the lowest form of human intellect on God"s green earth. Fbi and their trainees are today the most ubiquitous and dirty violators of human, civil and constitutional rights in the world. 

The fbi writes as follows regarding their trainees:
The FBI National Academy is a professional course of study for U.S. and international law enforcement managers nominated by their agency heads because of demonstrated leadership qualities."

The mention of the word "professional" is intended by the fbi to instill fraudulently in the mind of the trainee that he somehow is transformed by fbi training into a kind of armed genius with impeccable credentials.  Such a farcical suggestion demands a serious comment to the contrary: the trainees graduate from the killing school as trained, brutal and desensitized beasts hateful of and resentful toward the very citizenry whom cops are sworn to protect.

So, let's get something else straight here: As all cops are trained by fbi (some directly  at the National Academy and all others indirectly by the police culture mandated by fbi at police training centers everywhere ), we live in a NAZI type police state which encourages atrocities and crimes against humanity.

These ignorant & proud cops. trained by fbi torturers and murderers, should be removed from police forces and deprogrammed.  The  other cops who kill should face a criminal tribunal for their atrocities. The police state here as cleverly forged by fbi lunatics threatens all.

*See my report to a graduate of the fbi's killing school below; and see my papers on topic at


I and my wife were assaulted by church staff/security for 5 months each time we visited the Basilica there. All such assaults were orchestrated by fbi's own serial killers. Please see:




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Re: Fbi trains cops as serial killers

Re: Fbi trains cops as serial killers

I think it's normal. And more than that, it should be so. Not a serial killer, but a detective, like Sherlock. Take the series Elementary - I always write my college essays on it.


Re: Fbi trains cops as serial killers



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