Media Culpable As Accessories

Media Culpable As Accessories

In the tradition of Nazi war criminals the USA’s media are accessories to atrocities by cover-up, negligence, willful hiding and withholding documentaries that I have published for the past half century.

Atrocities Committed By USA 's fbi & cia & dod Against People Everywhere and hidden by controlled media
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The United States of America is performing so many atrocities around the world that no one seems to be counting. Here at home I am counting and sharing with anyone who is not afraid to listen.

I must ask rhetorically, "Where are those leaders of nations whose people have been or are being subjected to crimes against humanity and war crimes?" I ask because those victims of government gone mad needed help, and received some effort from humanitarians to save them. Today's victims receive no help even from governments and institutions which could tell the stories of modern atrocities committed by USA intelligence agencies and could thereby help the victims and stop the madness.

Below are a few atrocities committed today by fbi/cia/dod/nsa, et al. (for other high crimes committed by fbi see my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014, my WRIT, and

The following list is not all inclusive and I invite other victims and material witnesses to provide additional data:

Gassing subjects in their residences; testing drugs on them; attempting to blind them via microwave assaults, causing deafness by extremely low frequency sound waves, injecting chemicals into subjects to cause diseases such as kidney stones.

Use dentists to plant infections near brain to see how long would it take to kill the subject by bacterial infection in brain (or brain cancer).
Other Experiments on victims: DNA, GENETIC RESEARCH, BRAIN MAPPING,

Spread Infectious Diseases:

by sending known infected persons to infect subjects (i.e., HIV, HPV, HEPATITIS, TB, etc.). Once infected notify all persons who are around the subject that he is an infected mental case and a threat to the public and that he is under court ordered surveillance.

Otherwise atrocities:

Infect brain with chemicals causing cerebral vascular disease and other infirmaties.
Castration by chemicals with assaults by street thugs to 'break' the subject.
Fraudulent interrogation by police under control of fbi to threaten the victim and his wife with arrest and incarceration for fabricated non extant offenses often staged by fbi.

Torture by medical doctors and dentists; Induce illnesses (such as cancer, burns, blisters caused by microwave;

Torture by mind games including the use of 'gaslighting'.

Conduct a disturbing and blanket (i.e. 'cover'l surveillance 24/7/365 for life to drive the victim to neuroses and to study and exploit any weakness caused by fbi assaults; intentionally aggravate service connected injuries; send notices to the subject that he should commit suicide; enter subject's home and car to destroy property and car and to send messages of poisoning of the subject.

Kill some subjects on the streets, others in prisons, hospitals and in their own residences

Engage in genocide by drones and bombs dropped in predesignated sites often with deadly collateral killing of (intended) innocent victims for propaganda purposes.

1) pharmacological experiments extensively by use of psychoactive drugs
2) Sterilization programs by chemicals and by pretended 'accidental' surgery (i.e. mayhem).
3) Murder victims during or after Surgery, often by anesthesia.

For more from this post see

Additional Data Found At Academia:

Cause traumatic Injuries by drugs, directed energy weaponry, physical and extreme psychological attacks Viz: study every detail of subject’s life, every medical and dental indication and discreetly attack in a manner that causes more pain and injury to the victim.
Send thugs to commit assaults and battery in efforts to label sub*ect as a violent offender who needs hospitalization ?hereby soliciting assistance from the general population for the high crimes committed by fbi or other data and fbi offenses see my papers here (especially the paper entitled “what would you do”) :

Additional Data:

Nuremberg Trial Needed:

Psychopaths All Around Us:

Collapse of Constitutional Government:

Notice to Media:

See Also: Controlled Media Meet Your Mentor:


Re: Media Culpable As Accessories

Re: Media Culpable As Accessories


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