A Quick Journey Around the Types of Chocolates in the World

We all love that rich, quick melting divine taste of chocolates that are favourites among everyone be it a kid, adult, men, women or even the senior citizens. It is too hard for anyone to resist the temptation of a chocolate due to its exceptional aroma and taste. A Chocolate is a combination of foods that are derived from cocoa which is mixed with fat (cocoa butter) and powdered sugar to form a solid confectionary. This final product is available in various designs and appears in various forms due to its composition.

In this blog, we are discussing about various types of chocolates that are offering unique treat to the taste buds of people around the world.

Milk Chocolates- This type of chocolate is made from milk which is available in the form of milk powder, liquid milk or condensed milk along with the solid chocolate. It was developed by Swiss Confectioner Daniel Peter along with his neighbour Henri Nestle in Vevey with the use of condensed milk in the year 1875. People can easily grab milk chocolates while doing online shopping for chocolates in India and can enjoy its unique taste with their family, friends and loved ones around.

Dark Chocolates- This is the chocolate type with the amazing health benefits. Dark chocolates are said to be formed by the addition of fat, sugar, cocoa to a relatively smaller quantity of milk or no milk at all. It is also known as “black chocolate” or “plain chocolate” in the common terminology. This chocolate variety possesses high nutritional value due to the presence of flavanols, antioxidants, trans fat and other such components. People who want to experience the rich taste of these chocolates can buy chocolates online in India in a simple manner and can get these rich cocoa chocolates at their doorstep only.

White chocolates- This type of chocolate has the presence of sugar, milk and cocoa butter in the absence of cocoa solids. So, practically milk chocolates has less or no traces of cocoa content unlike the other two varieties. You can consume this wonderful chocolate by making online shopping for chocolates in India and enjoying the delicious confectionery with your special ones.

Raw chocolate- It is another type of chocolate which has not been processed, heated or mixed with its other constituents. It is commonly sold in various chocolate growing countries and other places as a healthy food item.

Unsweetened chocolate- Also known as bitter, baking chocolate or cooking chocolate, it is a pure chocolate liquor that is mixed with other fats to obtain a solid substance. The presence of pure, grounded and roasted beans offer it a deep chocolate flavour and is mainly used as a base for cakes, brownies, confections and cookies.


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Re: A Quick Journey Around the Types of Chocolates in the World

Re: A Quick Journey Around the Types of Chocolates in the World

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