Remember America


This and many other veterans of wars are held by fbi and others as political prisoners , subjected to torture 24/7/365 for life, watched by fbi, encouraged to seek final exit, experimented upon, maligned for service to USA, and treated by his own government as a stranger in a savage & distant war zone. Even Congress and courts actively assist fbi's own psychopaths in destroying and trying to kill the Target. Doctors join the traitorous government agents in fraudulent efforts to imprison the Target.




By all evidence which I have produced over half a century, the cowards of fbi criminally torture me as a POW.



I intend  in my work to stop future assaults on all people by the human monsters who refer to themselves as fbi/cia. Perhaps I succeed, if the readers have some ability and willingness  to study the evidence.


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I present the reality, not fiction, regarding USA's crimes against veterans.



Re: Remember America

Re: Remember America

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