Ubi Sunt

 Where are the birds that once sung for me?


Ubi Sunt

How does USA (i.e. its fbi/cia, police) inhumanely break hearts and destroy lives of so many wondrous people worldwide ?


By torture, imprisonment, forced suicide,  mass murder and (as heaven witnesses) by assassinations. 


As the Target is being discreetly torn apart  by DEW and other dirty methods, he/she may  cling to memories of better times when government psychopaths had not yet  latched on.

Those are often the same, sweet & joyous  recollections that now  bring tears to eyes and pain to minds; for cherished moments are at once uplifting and sad for one being tortured, discovering  that his very own government turns life and its most wonderful experiences into ashes, thereby breaking hearts and devastating minds.



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Re: Ubi Sunt

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