Lest we forget




The cowardly and murderous fbi define USA.  ("Low down dirty trash out of hell", Jose Wales)


The fbi in vendetta tried twice to kil me while I lay helpless and unconscious in hospitals . The first surgery was associated with an injury sustained in U.S. Army; the second hospital emergency surgery was occasioned by fbi/federal insane magistrate judge poisoning me as I detailed in part 16 of "My Story".

The many other attempts by fbi  to kill,  imprison, or drive me to neuroses are documented by me online. 


The men and women in the fbi are criminals & terrorists. They are unworthy to claim citizenship in USA. (Note that after I visited with officials in Congressman Vicente Gonzalez' office  yesterday,  the fbi punishes me by invasion into my residence and by tampering with personal effects, followed by severe DEW attack all night.)


All who support fbi assassins are indirectly feeding their egos and their criminal insanity.


I defeat the fools and half wits of fbi as shown in the link below, and someday all people in the world will understand via my work that fbi defines USA in a most cowardly, horrid & murderous manner.







Re: Lest we forget

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Re: Lest we forget

Re: Lest we forget

Keep sharing such posts, it's really great! I added your website to bookmarks.


Re: Lest we forget

 It was a great event. Thanks for doing an article on this topic



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