The real fbi


As the lead domestic intelligence authority in USA, the fbi employs perhaps a million persons to control and to program the general population. Threats, stalking, monitoring,  assaults by street thugs, extreme psychological operations,  bio-chemical and viral agents and by DEW attacks are mainstays in fbi repertoire of dirty tools.

While the fbi pretends to  help protect you, the real goal is to intimidate you, to turn you into an operative or informant, or at least instill fear in you which translates into a false hyper respect for fbi/MAFIA.

The fbi are, make no mistake. mobsters. They almost never get tough on intercity violent crime because most fbi agents are cowards and because violence makes good news for fbi and their friends. The fbi always claim to protect the children; no one until now argues with such a lofty claim. In reality the fbi exploits children, plants them into crime scenes (in order to arrest political targets) and use the false banner of 'save the children' to cover up fbi atrocities. The media eats it up.

The torturers and assassins of fbi claim to be all things good, even fraudulently asserting that they uphold USA's economy, physical and electronic infrastructure, and democracy. No more heinous set of lies have ever been spun than the claims of the supreme and preeminent terrorists in USA, the fbi.

I have posted names and photos of many such fbi thugs & assassins. 
A few fbi people are destined to join the ranks of the terrorised.

All fbi agents are indoctrinated into the fbi/MAFIA culture from which no escape is apparent.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessing to all who suffer from inhumane crimes and atrocities committed by fbi thugs and punks.




Re: The real fbi

Thank you for collecting all this material, write more, it's very interesting to read the continuation

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