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Several  months  ago I humbly asked Congressman Vicente Gonzalez for assistance in why the USPI Trey Knipfing and his associate (a retarded high level State cop) Conrad Rodriguez violate FOIA and Texas ORA.

Unless the congressman forthwith makes even a minimal effort in this matter, I have this to say to him and others in Congress and the courts:


I have shown Congress and SCOTUS a prima facie case of multiple and ongoing atrocities committed against me by fbi and a cover-up of those crimes by USPI. Additionally,  USPI engages in a whole new set of crimes and public corruption as I explain in many sites which can be accessed here:


Now listen carefully: The offices of U.S. CONGRESS now cover-up all offenses by fbi and USPI in order to protect fbi. In other words, the Congressmen and Senators refuse to inquire and often harass me for my request for FOIA.  I therefore consider all such members of the congress and the courts as criminals acting as accessories to all fbi crimes that I document.


For a list of other members of Congress who refused to inquire see the * next link.



As for Congressman Vicente Gonzalez,  he must not continue to represent anyone in his district if he continues to fear the assassins of fbi. When I personally appeared in his office in June 2017, the staff there insulted me. He and his support staff now in my opinion join the long list of traitors in Congress who 1) turn against veterans who defended this government on the battlefield 2) engage in the crime of conspiracy and subornation of perjury  and other felonies,  et al.




I truly regret the necessity to indict Congressman Gonzalez,  but unless he stops protecting fbi terrorists then he and his kind are common criminals who belong in jail.

In any event our country faces its darkest hour just ahead because of the collapse of the original constitutional government of USA.



Re: Notice to Congress

Re: Notice to Congress

Thanks for the article, it has always been interesting to know this information from an independent source

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