Continuation of fbi crimes



Continuation of reports on recent fbi crimes, 2 parts


Part One  of this report show photos of items stolen and tampered with. 
Part Two shows new verbal assault by fbi operative, a lesbian lunatic.

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Part One:

See evidence of crimes by fbi which I have submitted to the IG at VA.
The Report of fbi's theft and destruction of government issued hearing aid items is found in my posts on July 4, 2017 at



The photo of the (now replaced by VA) stolen part is marked as item 1 and the photo of the useless part that fbi planted in my residence is marked as item 2.

In the attached photo item #1 shows the CALLDEX apparatus issued to me by VA yesterday when I notified VA of the theft; item #2 shows the non serviceable fixture that fbi thugs placed in my residence knowing that I could not use it. For details see my letter to VA in the link above.


Part Two:

Tonight the fbi sends another psychopath to park next to my car and just as I tried to enter, she launched a continuous and contrived string of non sense and gibberish directed at me. I realized after a minute that this female, lesbian thug driving a late model Mercedes, seemed to want me to comment on her/his insanity. The fbi records all such criminal assaults on me for the corrupt federal magistrate judge who is also eager to take action.


Re: Continuation of fbi crimes

 Gossbee and his shaved head are stone cold FBI. He's just there to discredit real posters. I think it would be funny, if someone picked him up and dropped him off at the Austin field office.

Re: Continuation of fbi crimes

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Re: Continuation of fbi crimes

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Re: Continuation of fbi crimes

Re: Continuation of fbi crimes

Re: Continuation of fbi crimes

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