Fbi History Book 1996


The real fbi history:


All Targets, living & deceased, are part of the real fbi history book which we are writing today and which exemplifies in our documentaries the fbi's record of torture, mayhem and murder for 100 years. Thank you for your contribution through your suffering and heartbreak.


See the fbi History Book, Turner Publisher,1996 and note that the complete history book of the fbi as MAFIA is being written now by former fbi agent GERAL SOSBEE who defines his former colleagues as for the most part criminally insane for engaging in torture, mayhem & murder most of their careers.


Image from  Fbi History Book, 1996:




Re: Fbi History Book 1996

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Re: Fbi History Book 1996

Re: Fbi History Book 1996


Re: Fbi History Book 1996

Re: Fbi History Book 1996

Re: Fbi History Book 1996

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Re: Fbi History Book 1996


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Re: Fbi History Book 1996

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Re: Fbi History Book 1996

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Re: Fbi History Book 1996

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Re: Fbi History Book 1996

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