Studies of human behavior and misleading pedagogy


The enlightened mind universally recognizes the faulty pedagogical methods of presumptuous authors on sight. The use of lineal, sequential analysis often  reflects in its product a defective and delimiting mentality and analysis; qualitative considerations always expose faulty or ineffective logic.

The rhetorical questions that are presented in *the 2016 report are imposed on the mind of the reader to detract from the compelling issue at hand: how to address the obvious conflicts between law & public policy on one hand and the dynamic and often inexplicable needs of complex human beings on the other.

After all the individual human being is of primary concern to me, not the ever changing standards used by academics to form judgments. Rhetoric invites  hysterical comments which are intended to limit further studies; serious inquiry  requires a continuing exploration of the interactions of socio-psychological and genetic phenomena which are largely ignored due to the inherent limitations of conventional analysis such as referenced above.

Equally alarming to seekers of truth are the elaborate tactics used by fbi, for example, to manufacture 'monsters'. The irony in such fbi alchemy (**as I show in my paper) is that the real monstrous activity in society is often perpetrated by the miscreants within the fbi whose livelihood depends on their manufacturing and imprisoning/killing Targets.


Those writers who seek to oversimplify the most complex areas of the human mind inevitably resort to contrived and even absurd polemics to obscure their defective and harmful pedagogical performances. As for the morality mentioned above, efforts to dictate one's own sense of right and wrong on others in a society that thrives on condemnation and quick judgments such as practiced by the charlatans in fbi are the ultimate examples of hypocrisy. Thank you.



Re: Studies of human behavior and misleading pedagogy

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Re: Studies of human behavior and misleading pedagogy

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Re: Studies of human behavior and misleading pedagogy

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Re: Studies of human behavior and misleading pedagogy

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Re: Studies of human behavior and misleading pedagogy

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Re: Studies of human behavior and misleading pedagogy

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