Congress and VA looking into crimes by USPI AND Fbi

The following post reflects stream of consciousness and is offered for the record :

U.S. Congressman Vicente Gonzalez advises me that he is asking the USPI KNIFING  (a thug who with Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ came into my home fraudulently to threaten me and my wife as directed by fbi assassins) why Knipfing violates FOIA for 4 years. Also, I have submitted to Director of VA clear & convincing evidence of federal crimes against me by fbi psychopaths.  See affidavits 2007 and 2014 for affidavits and note that, while Knipfing seeks a way to falsely imprison me, Rodriguez  (a pathetic and retarded sociopath) is busy in his sick mind fabricating a profile which might serve USPI, Fbi, et al. in efforts to silence me. *These fools and UT' s cops Bleier and Wilson , plus Detective Posada,  all should face felony charges alongside fbi as I have outlined for several years.






Universal Battle Against Inhumane Government 


My battle against fbi, its agents,operatives, street thugs, assassins and the institution itself is Everyman' s war against 1) murderous oppression 2) corrupt authority 3) inhumane assaults & torture under color of law and under the banner of the national government.  


So many thugs have joined forces against me and so many criminals in various departments of government have attacked me for the past 30 years that I cannot give an accurate account at this moment. All of these fbi maniacs rely in their savage attacks 24/7/365 on the willingness of the general population to support the fbi under all circumstances.


 Hundreds or perhaps thousands of fbi human monsters have launched and continued to this moment so many attacks (including assaults with DEW and other robotics) that counting them is literally impossible.  Yet, somehow I survive to tell the story, to give my account of the most despicable government program of torture ,mayhem and attempted murder in modern times.


 These offenses against me and by extrapolation all of society are unprecedented in human affairs.  I am privileged to join others globally who do not accept any man or institution who robs me of my freedom to live my life. The judges who sleep with  fbi and who rubber stamp approval of fbi atrocities are equally guilty of high crimes and treason. 



So, one may be assured that our work to stop the killing machine of fbi/cia will not cease as long as one such injustice continue. This commitment bodes well for our species, but is  not so beneficial for this overthrown regime. 


No more  heinous and insidious cowards are hatched and nourished in USA than the clandestine assassins of fbi/cia. Thank you , God's speed to all in resistance and...


May Providence provide aid, blessing and comfort to all who suffer under oppression of governments and their insane employees everywhere.




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