*A War Worth Fighting


 *A War Worth Fighting.                    Private  GERAL SOSBEE 




I could not have imagined that, as a young soldier in the United States Army, Vietnam,  1967, that my service was quite simply a training exercise for the true war (intellectually)against the most cowardly group of murderers and thugs ever to live on God's green earth: the special agents, operatives and street thugs employed with fbi. I survived Vietnam and I now prevail over the criminally insane fbi. 
 I consider my service to the legitimate USA as a work in progress, though I would expect my countrymen to not desert me in the face of the enemy, the fbi/cia.
The hoodlums in fbi now attack  me and my wife with DEW, thereby proving that no more heinous and insidious cowards are hatched and nourished in USA than the clandestine assassins of fbi & cia. 
They have not only lost their minds, but have lost their secret war waged against the world's population.  'Pandora's Box' opened for the world to view as a result of my reports on fbi atrocities , and I consider my efforts to stop the fools and punks in fbi as a resounding s u c c e s s. 
Thanks to all who defend liberty with sound minds , pure hearts and love for mankind. 

*Note: Former fbi agent and 'really tough Marine' T. C. Brock boasted in my face 40 years ago, "the fbi is at war with you...you won this battle, but you will lose the war".


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Re: *A War Worth Fighting

Re: *A War Worth Fighting

Re: *A War Worth Fighting

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