Assault on free will by fbi/Police community




 The assault on free will by fbi & police 

The free will of our people is often turned to illusion when fbi, cia, police, vigilantes engage in aggressive, preemptive and often violent assaults (both physical and psychological) against individuals. In this sense crimes committed by the accused (such as Myron May and Aaron Alexis,  and others set up by unlawful fbi & police sting operations) are in part attributable to the thugs of government,  most notably fbi agents and operatives. 
Consider this from Wikipedia: " Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded. It is closely linked to the concepts of responsibility, ..., guilt...,and other judgments which apply only to actions that are freely chosen."
When a human being is being tortured, abused or hounded (such as occurs all the time by fbi/police, DEW,etc.) then judgment is predictably impaired and he is no longer making choices freely and without coercion. Even contract law recognizes the destructive elements of forced agreements and the need to nullify them. We must also discover how to nullify charges against the accused when fbi/Police are 'behind' the proscribed conduct.
When a life or several lives are in the balance, then why I ask does public policy ignore violent provocations, unjust threats and harassment of people by cops and by fbi as a cause or basis of crime.
The expediency of removing confused individuals from society by robbing them of their free will reflects a very callous and, yes, a culpable society. We can blame the fbi/police assassins and their own  psychopaths for many crimes committed by their suspects/subjects/targets because we all know that extreme stress often leads to aberrant, or antisocial  conduct; and society is also to blame by default.
So, let us provide a real defense to all such victims of abusive, torturous and murderous acts by fbi,  police, vigilantes and their high tech weapons against our fellow man.
Thank you. Geral Sosbee 


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Re: Assault on free will by fbi/Police community

Re: Assault on free will by fbi/Police community


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Re: Assault on free will by fbi/Police community

Re: Assault on free will by fbi/Police community

Re: Assault on free will by fbi/Police community

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Re: Assault on free will by fbi/Police community




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Re: Assault on free will by fbi/Police community

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