USA's Police State & How To Reverse It

The fbi and cia crime spree and what we can do about it:
The venomous tentacles of fbi permeate society, all branches and departments of government and even the minds of individual citizens at will. The fbi and cia as institutions
(& in coordination with major news media)
 are, as I have demonstrated, the preeminent mind manipulators of the human psyche of the global population. 
As I struggled to find a law and a procedure to address the murderous corruption of fbi, I at long last realized that NO REMEDY exist in law because corrupt law used by fbi precludes all other legal courses of action. The fbi controls federal judges and in all cases the fbi converts federal magistrate judges into deadly operatives who issue secret, civil orders and de facto, final judgements against adversaries of fbi such as GERAL SOSBEE. 
The next link suggests how the fbi thugs are able to twist and subvert the law in order to gain complete authority to attack the unsuspecting victim of an hideous and inhumane *fbi agenda.
My efforts to obtain a fair hearing 17 years ago to stop fbi's torture & attempted murder campaign against me was met with contempt, scorn and threats by the federal judiciary, including SCOTUS.
Not surprisingly, as  I have also shown, the judiciary in USA is filled with corrupt judges:
* in point of fact:
My recommendation to address the problem of the  silent coup of this government by the intelligence community is as follows:
Convene a constitutional convention,  stand down armed forces,  remove all in congress, remove the federal judiciary , dismantle fbi/cia/doj and imprison culpable agents and operatives who engage in atrocities (including DEW and psychological assaults on our people) and educate the population on how to run this government without a hierarchical or a pyramid- type authority. This means that an enlightened people must find a way to govern themselves.
Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort, protection and blessings to all who are oppressed,  imprisoned, tortured and murdered by this macabre regime that fraudulently calls itself the United States of America.
Geral Sosbee                                               Geral Sosbee


Re: USA's Police State & How To Reverse It

Re: USA's Police State & How To Reverse It

Re: USA's Police State & How To Reverse It

Everything must be under law and rules are equal for everyone. The number of government employers are using the authorities for the personal use which bring corruption and insecurity for others. The government must specify the employees to don’t use authorities for personal use. Through this article I'm able to write my paper and get lots of help in subject.



Re: USA's Police State & How To Reverse It

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