Fbi operatives up to no good


 Fbi sends *thug operative, retired army tough guy, to demand to know where are the thousands of my posts spanning half century.


He is incapable of comprehending my reports because his dirty agenda precludes legitimate inquiry.

See My Story In Detail, Commentaries, Writ, documents from fbi showing my service in fbi from 1971 to 1978, my websites at NewCiv.org and Ning.com, my references to  hundreds of assaults (continuing this moment), & FACEBOOK,  Twitter, etc. 
The fbi history book where I am featured includes references to my Army tour of duty in combat in 1966-1968. In this regard the fbi assassins come on line to fraudulently announce that my Vietnam service makes me a murderer and a possible mass murderer. Those remarks by fbi torturers against this vet should cause every military man to be concerned. The *fool referenced above claims to be an army vet, and he is also retarded.
Note that many of my posts are now deleted,  such as all on message boards like ' Disqus ', Philadelphia & Portland et al . My previous FACEBOOK account was also deleted when fbi hacked my biography. 
So, any effort by the fbi operatives to  question my comment on the thousands of posts is fraudulently made by fbi liars  & assassins.
Finally, I have also documented psyops against me which are conducted in concert with DEW attacks 24/7/365 For life. The references to thousands of my posts and reports actually understates my documentations; the more accurate count would include untold millions of DEW attacks by fbi high tech weapons and by their low minded hoodlums.

<> http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/historybook.html




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