Macabre Science Used By fbi To Incapacitate This Target


 Dirty & Potentially Deadly Science Applied by fbi Against This Target

The fbi assumes that a victim of fbi atrocities will be viewed as paranoid when he tries to report heinous crimes against him by fbi. Furthermore,  the fbi knows that their victims cannot prove that such assaults occurred , not  that the fbi had any part in the ordeal.
One of the most painful attacks on me by fbi was their Kidney Stone Caper. The fbi laboratory teaches the fbi how to synthesize by chemical combination an artificial stone (KS) in the kidney of the Target. 
Under the secret orders of a psychopathic federal magistrate judge,  the fbi delivers poison into the food and drink of this Target. Then, while the fbi watches the Target in his home and in real time, the Target collapses in agony from the KS formed in him.
The fbi coordinates with hospital administrator to assign a urologist 'on call' who is incompetent to address the KS. The fbi also steals the insurance ID card from the Target's residence in order to impede medical care. 
I reported the KS caper here:
Only the most criminally insane, wicked and subhuman fbi assassins  could plan and execute this type of incapacitating felonious assault. 
The above record is one of many attacks by discreet scientific methods to kill or maim the Target. Other assaults are referenced here:
So, all Americans should realize that the fbi transcends corruption in their covert counterintelligence operations and sink  into the realm of quasi demonic cruelty and sickening inhumanity in many of their macabre, barbarous attacks. 
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Re: Macabre Science Used By fbi To Incapacitate This Target

Re: Macabre Science Used By fbi To Incapacitate This Target

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