The living among us



We who are yet alive:
Women & men: we live in an environment that defies our aesthetic sensibilities and our delicate, artistic  preferences. Yet, our survival demands that we adjust to the standards dictated by homicidal psychopaths such as we encounter in most *communities, especially in the fbi/police/political theatres. If we fail to adapt to such a violent and macabre environment, then we may not enjoy even the fleeting moments of happiness that Providence may otherwise afford us. In other words our line be destined for extinction and our conscience be ever disturbed by cultural shocks.We don't need Darwin to explain this phenomenon because the manifestations of brutal chaos often slap us in our face.
If we do adapt, then we may discover in our sane moments that this is not the world promised us in our youth, and that at times we may feel as though we are 'strangers in a distant and savage land' (Shelley) which we don"t like very much; nor would we willingly embrace what we have become.
Thank you kindly.

* anywhere people appear hateful for no apparent reason and who are psychopaths, characterized by antisocial personality , lacking empathy and remorse, and revealing dominant egotistical traits .


PS: The comment below by 'anonymous' on August 18, 2017, was submitted by a fbi supporter.


Re: The living among us

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