A Review of SOSBEE v fbi. com


A Review of SOSBEE v fbi .com

 In the context of world terrorists activities I believe that the population should be aware of my reports as referenced herein:

A Review of SOSBEEvfbi.com

After I began my professional career in El Paso, Texss, in 1983, the fbi increased their very dirty and potentially deadly covert operations in efforts to kill me, or drive me insane. Every imaginable type of attack seemed imposed on  me by fbi's El Paso division intelligence agent. Such attacks included destruction of my car,  invasion into my home and discreet attempts to kill me. A corrupt  federal magistrate judge (a de facto fbi operative) in El Paso provided fbi with a fraudulently obtained civil order to perform unconscionable deeds on my person and property. 

While pretending to enforce the laws of the USA, the fbi proved that they are lower than the majority of convicted criminals in prison. To this moment the fbi continues their insane assaults on me in ways that are difficult to explain and comprehend . The fbi goes to great length and expense to harm me physically and psychologically. In the next link I offer a summary of the fbi's rampant crime spree against me. 


These  assaults on me by fbi continued for about the next 17 years whereupon I sued fbi/doj and started my primary website which is referenced in the next paragraph and link.

"My Story In Detail" First Posted October 15, 2000, and since then the fbi has increased terrorist attacks on me.


All authorities,  including CONGRESS and SCOTUS and all police ignore my reports to their respective offices. In one instance 
the fbi delivers this message  on line "Kill yourself geral sosbee", and the  police refuse to investigate:


Finally, in a strange fit of climactic insanity the fbi comes online, after decades of macabre assaults on me and announced falsely that, Geral Sosbee is a murderer due to his record of combat duty in service to the USA:


Fbi's Comey and all other fbi directors rot the soul of our nation, work secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of democracy, and they infect the body politic so that it can no longer resist. Cicero.




Re: A Review of SOSBEE v fbi. com

Re: A Review of SOSBEE v fbi. com

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Re: A Review of SOSBEE v fbi. com


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