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My letter to Congress: August 24, 2017 CONGRESSMAN VICENTE GONZALES U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WASHINGTON, D.C. 20515-4315 Re: Letter from Congressman to GERAL SOSBEE, dated August 21, 2017 FOIA Request from U S Postal Inspector Dear Congressman, Thank you for sending an inquiry to the US Postal Service on my behalf. Please note that I have provided prima facie evidence of crimes committed against me by the fbi and by the U.S. Postal Service and its Inspectors. Please see my websites (and affidavits) at I am under an intense torture and attempted murder campaign by the fbi in its vendetta, ongoing for 30 years. The U.S. Postal Inspector in cooperation with fbi has unlawfully violated the FOIA for several years and continues today to hide the report of Inspector Knipfing of the Ft. Worth, Texas office. That report is expected to show, in the context of my other documentaries, crimes by Knipfing and by the U. S. Postal Service and other inspectors, as well as crimes by the fbi. Please follow up on your inquiry by contacting the U.S. Postal Inspection Service to ask them to be more responsive than before. Thank you kindly. Respectfully Submitted. GERAL SOSBEE P.O. Box 3834 McAllen, Texas 78502



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