Overview of Public Policy Law & Macabre Covert Operations

 Overview of Public Policy Law & Macabre Covert Operations 

This report seeks to enlighten the reader on the subject of corrupt Public Policy laws that undermine our constitutional democracy. 
As Mark Twain once remarked, Public Policy Law (i.e., PPL) supersedes all other laws. The development of PPL law is not generally known by the people, until they are directly affected by its proscriptions. Today, I and many *others identify an emerging PPL that authorizes fbi and the police community to engage in covert torture, mayhem and murder by fraudulent and inhumane 'legal' process (i.e., PPL)
While the USA boasts that this is a nation of laws, I demonstrate in my thousands of reports and law suit against fbi  that law and society are subverted by the most violent, corrupt and murderous group of criminals  in our society who forge a secret PPL and use it against a select segment of the general population.
The fbi and numerous other agencies and secret courts, tripartite,  have in motion today civil rules, mandates,
regulatory measures, and courses of action which constitute the new hideous PPL referenced herein.
One may easily understand the new and destructive PPL in USA  by reading my papers and the book by MARY JOY MACKAY entitled, "The Joy Thieves".
One of my papers on topic reveals that the PPL authorizes the fbi and professional vigilante groups to jointly and illegally torture, imprison and kill people for reasons known only to the perpetrators. In the next link I show that the very authorities who are responsible for protecting us from such morbid abuses are guilty as principals in the crime spree that sweeps the nation (and parts of the world) under the dirty and obscure  banner of PPL.
For more data on how the fbi, doj and federal judges attempt to legitimize their crimes against the people see:
So, the reader may now see the meaning of a statement by 
Otto von Bismarck who wrote, 
"Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made."
Thank you.
Overview of Public Policy Law & Macabre Covert Operations


Re: Overview of Public Policy Law & Macabre Covert Operations

Re: Overview of Public Policy Law & Macabre Covert Operations

 While the USA gloats this is a country of laws, I show in my great many reports and claim against fbi that law society are subverted by the most fierce, Assignment Expert Service degenerate and dangerous gathering of cluprits in our general public who fashion

Re: Overview of Public Policy Law & Macabre Covert Operations


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