Fbi's house of horrors, featuring its BS unit



Fbi's house of horrors, featuring its BS unit
Fbi invites you into their house of horrors.
The most horrific and purely evil segment of domestic fbi operations is the Training Division and its so called Behavioral Science Unit (i.e.: bs). The training division indoctrinates all police (directly or indirectly) at fbi National Academy which is a killing school that is primarily responsible for police killings and abuses of innocent people everywhere. 
The bs unit is prefaced on this postulation:
 'The b.s. unit studies why criminals do what they do.'
In other words the fbi and their federal judge operatives begin all actions against the innocent suspect, or accused, or political dissident with the presumption of criminality of that Target. From that perspective the bs unit assumes the 
role of omniscient inquisitor and then produces guidelines for fbi and police profilers to use. Indeed, the bs unit encourages fraudulent stings on innocent people who are later charged with offenses  actually committed by fbi agents, operatives and street thugs. So, we have millions of innocent people wrongfully  housed in institutions.
The b.s. unit cleverly dazzles the public and media  by also creating its own secretive future crime section .
See also my report on "Committed To Healing".
Some of the areas where the fbi superficially probes a human being' s psyche include:
psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, behavioral biology and behavioral genetics.
Add to this power the fact that the fbi intentionally provokes and assaults our people with DEW, Bio-Chem-Viral agents and extensive psychological operations in order to imprison, force into suicide, or kill them. 
Judges almost never hear of fbi's inhumane assaults on our citizens. See the cases of Myron May and Aaron Alexis. 
Police often assist the fbi in such dirty 
 For more on the fbi's extreme abuses and subversion of law see many of my papers at:
and especially:


An overview of fbi as an insane  crime syndicate is presented in the following two links.




One must understand that the chief criminals in society are the fbi and their police friends and that when the fbi wants "to get you",  they will manufacture a way.
The USA and now most of the world is a stomping ground for fbi deviants, true criminals and insane psychopaths. 
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Re: Fbi's house of horrors, featuring its BS unit

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Re: Fbi's house of horrors, featuring its BS unit

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