Fib is dangerous cyber criminal supreme



Fbi is a truly dangerous cyber criminal

See my summary of fbi cyber crimes that fbi commits against me. Note that many such cyber hacking by fbi has occurred at New Zealand Indymedia & Austin Indymedia. 

Fbi commits voluminous cyber crimes:

Over the past 17 years I have learned that the thugs of fbi engage in various & sundry computer related crimes even as they employ DEW and other devices and practices in efforts to torture and silence me. Here are a few of the cyber crimes regularly committed against me:

Destroy irreparably every computer that I buy.

Extensively hack my work on a library computer so that as I type, the words and meaning are distorted.

Enter false words discreetly into my smart phone's hard drive, so that I do not recognize the hacking until after publication; for example, every time I carefully type the letters "fbi" into a report, the compromised hard drive changes the letters to read, "fib".

Enter illicit data on my phone. 

Enter fraudulent entries (using my name) into my FACEBOOK page to misrepresent me.

Some of the cyber crimes which the fbi commits against me could also be used to arrest, convict and imprison innocent Targets of fbi operations. A kind of elaborate, covert 'CyberStingProgram' allows fbi unfettered opportunity to destroy lives, blackmail individuals and perhaps also force final exits.




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