How fbi hides their crimes against humanity



Fbi  manipulates media coverage of fbi whistleblowers
The following  photo of GERAL SOSBEE by courtesy of Mr. Bob Levin, fbi whistleblower. Thank you Bob.)
Fbi hides atrocities committed against their whistleblowers by denying 'whistleblower' status.
How convenient for fbi thugs that only they are authorized to identify and to define "Fbi whistleblowers ". In this manner the fbi can silence the most knowledgeable Special Agents who know about fbi atrocities. See my report here:

ALL controlled media and most Search Engines pretend that GERAL SOSBEE is not a fbi     designated whistleblower.
See this link and wonder why Wikipedia obeys fbi commands to obscure my name from coverage:
I first reported fbi crimes in the 1970s whereupon the fbi started an elaborate counterintelligence operation which lasted for the rest of my life.
This is why the fbi initially needed to silence me:

Here is the case where I first proved crimes committed against an innocent person:
Rodriguez vs. Ritchey

The above case is prima facie evidence in the form of federal law suits where I was a material witness prevented from testifying.
Another federal case shown here established definitively my status as a fbi whistleblower dating back to 1972:

So, understand that the innumerable atrocities which the fbi perpetrated against me with the full knowledge of Congress and SOTUS are similarly covered up by all government officials. 
The extremely abhorrent crimes against my person and the attempts on my life are hidden from the public by fbi and media refusing to admit my whistleblower status. No other fbi whistleblower in history has revealed so many unconscionable crimes by fbi as I. No other fbi agent has ever survived outside of prison and mental wards as I to tell the story of the subhumans inside the fbi.
If my data on fbi crimes is removed from all records, then the same demented and cruel torture tactics used by fbi against me will continue to be executed by fbi against the general population.
Thank you.

See fbi history book where I am featured:



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