Evidence Of USA's Murderous Decadence & Threat To Civilization


The murderous shadow government in USA is exposed in all its horrors by me and other victims of the fbi's imhumane criminal syndicate. 
Much of my work focuses upon my experiences with fbi assassins and torturers, but in the larger picture my suffering also reveals the underlying evil by which the fbi and their police associates and their friends bring our nation to its knees, robs us of liberty and indeed murders our people at will.
My report on the evidence of USA murderous decadence brought about by fbi, et al.:
I have never been accused of any offense, civil or criminal, in my life. Yet, the fbi and company engage incessantly for 30 years  in one felony after another in efforts to provoke or kill me. See my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014:
Many attorneys, dentists, medical doctors, and others torture, threaten and falsify records on behalf of fbi who seek to imprison me. They all fail.
Today, I am sad to report that this nation, with unequalled, global,  military supremcy, is a criminal regime throughout, and is a direct threat to civilization. 
 No one can stop the USA JUGGERNAUT OF TERROR & MADNESS that define this horrific regime.
Just today I received a letter dated 9/12/17  (file # RP55/2017-35821) from the VA OIG, in response to my presentation of prima facie evidence of fbi's terrorist assaults on me as a disabled combat veteran. In the letter the VA states that after review of my report to the OIG, that office has no "actionable basis" to investigate and, "As such, we will take no further action regarding your submission." For the details of my request for VA assistance see:
Below is a list of high ranking government officials who cooperated with fbi in the potentially deadly assault program on me. In some instances these officials inadvertently admit to their own lapse of reason and judgment.
Admissions by U.S. Attorney Sarah Robinson reveals her awareness of and participation in illegal shadow government operations:
...and so does University of Texas attorney, as she refuses to release details of police illegal assaults on me; she also reveals her cooperation in the shadowy conspiracy against me by dirty cops Bleier,  Wilson, thug Alonzo Yanez, fbi and others:
Other material witnesses to or participants in the fbi crime spree against me include:
USPI thug KNIPFING & his retarded sidekick Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ ,
Brownsville Texas defective detective Adrian Posada, and others in the police community (including corrupt federal judges) everywhere I have lived and traveled; such places include first and foremost El Paso, Brownsville,  Dallas, Honolulu, Los Angeles,  Chiang Mai Thailand, Santa Domingo, Matamoros and airport at Japan.
The fbi also takes pride (as revealed in the book , "The Joy Thieves" by Mary Joy MacKay) in their ability to direct hundreds of vigilantes from the general population to act as accessories to fbi atrocities in all places where I live.
ALL of the federal judges who authorized the fbi's provocative assaults on me and each judge at every level (including SCOTUS)
 who, wearing their little satanic black robes, sat back and denied my legal & equitable  prayers for relief from torture & attempted murder; they all knowingly allowed fbi to continue efforts to silence me.
MANUEL L. R E A L, Judge presiding:
Appellate Judges:
ALL of the life threatening injuries inflicted on me over the past 17 years by fbi assassins are directly sanctioned by every member of the federal judiciary to whom I appealed, even while I was being tortured.
Today, the assaults, torture  and attempts on my life by fbi hoodlums continue unabated.
For these reasons I consider the judiciary to be comprised of criminals and cowards who facilitated the overthrow of this government by the so called intelligence community.
In other words each person who assisted the fbi, or in neglect of duty refused to address the atrocities against me by fbi , should be imprisoned. 
Thank you and may Providence provide aid,  comfort and blessings to all who are oppressed and murdered by fbi assassins and their brotherhood of police serial  killers.


Re: Evidence Of USA's Murderous Decadence & Threat To Civilization



 " They are out there killing people "

Re: Evidence Of USA's Murderous Decadence & Threat To Civilization

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Re: Evidence Of USA's Murderous Decadence & Threat To Civilization

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Re: Evidence Of USA's Murderous Decadence & Threat To Civilization


Anonymous wrote:

 People interested in recruitment opportunites in the govt sector can check this website. 


Yes, by all means seek a marriage with the enemy of mankind, the fbi.





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