My letters to Congress & VA

 fbi as human monsters

My letters to VA & Congress:

September 21, 2017

Honorable Vicente Gonzales

United States Congressman

113 Cannon House Office Building


Director Robert A. McDonald

Veterans Administration

Department of Veterans Affairs

810 Vermont Avenue, North West Washington, D.C. 20420



VA OIG letter to me, dated June 10, 2017 Congressman Gonzales Letter to me, dated August 31, 2017

Your Honors,

In the above referenced letters your esteemed offices assisted me in the review of illegal activities by government agencies (including the fbi) against my interests.

This inquiry is related, but with a different design. As everyone now knows, the U.S. diplomats in Cuba were recently attacked by high tech sonic assaults as reported here:

I am also under attack by the same or similar high tech weaponry which is sometimes referred to as DEW (directed energy weaponry). These attacks are executed against me by the fbi and have caused near total loss of hearing in either ear; also, the fbi previously threatened to blind me for my ‘whistleblowing’ activities, and I am now diagnosed by a medical doctor, an Opthalmologist, with cataracts in either eye and needing surgery.


I deduce that the DEW attacks are causing the cataracts and that the fbi seeks to permanently blind me. Note that any new, artificial lenses could be easily destroyed by the DEW weaponry; so, surgery is not a viable option. In the above referenced letter from the VAOIG, that office could not assist in addressing felony offenses which I have fully documented were committed by fbi and their operatives. For background data on those fbi crimes please see:

In the above referenced letter from the Congressman, that office made a diligent effort to address violations of the FOIA by the USPI. The report by the USPI contains data in which the fbi was also involved in harassment of me and destruction of my career as an attorney.

I hereby request that the VAOIG and the honorable Congressman Gonzales make an effort to inquire and/or investigate DEW attacks on me by the fbi. In any event, even if this request be denied, I request that all government agencies (including the U.S. Army) be notified of the contents of this letter.

I am a disabled veteran and the injuries that I sustained in service are routinely intentionally aggravated by the fbi. The Army taught me to endure all hardships and every threat in order to accomplish the mission.

The mission now is to stop the fbi from torturing and killing this and other veterans, and members of the general population. The fbi also regularly attacks this and other veterans with both DEW and psychological assaults intended to force the veteran to slip into nervousness, or to seek final exits So, I hope that your offices might find a way to stop the macabre conduct by fbi who are engaged 24/7/365 in torture, mayhem and murder against our people.

Thank you.

Respectfully submitted

____Signed_________________________ GERAL W. SOSBEE (DOB 08-30-1945) US54438508

P.O. Box 3834

McAllen, Texas 78502 (956)

This communication is sent via email for informational purposes to:


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