Subliminal Messages of Hate and Support for


In this post I summarize messages of hate and support for my work online.

Messages of Hate and Support for Over the past 17 years I have received numerous hate messages from people in and out of government; they all encourage the fbi’s torturers and assassins and are therefore accomplices to psychological operations and attempts on my life by fbi.

On some occasions I receive subliminal messages of support for my reports of fbi crimes and atrocities. Below are the names of a few organizations whose representatives sent me such supportive comments; following the names of the organizations are the links to the comments; after the link, I summarize the supportive remarks which are all subliminal and found in the links.


Veterans Administration, Dept. of Education, USDA, Pentagon & US Dept. of Health & Human Services, Office of the President at UC Berkeley, California Dept. of Justice, U.S. Dept. of Justice, United States District Courts in Houston and Jacksonville.



“Sosbee defeats fbi

Sosbee fbi history book

CJS is designed to fail

government must create criminals

American Jurisprudence Award (AMJ) Geral Sosbee”


Additional reports are available under the following headings:

A summary of my war with thugs of f b i

F b i are Terminators and Predators

Tue 19 September 2017

F b i perpetrators of evil

Fbi's illegal gang stalking initiative against activists & whistleblowers

Fbi's own hoodlums, aka criminal perpetrators, are authorized by federal judges

Mon 18 September 2017

Evidence Of USA's Murderous Decadence & Threat To Civilization

Sun 17 September 2017

Fbi perpetrators of atrocities are seen in their full *repulsive demeanor , courtesy of Ms. Mary Joy MacKay

Mr. President...

Sat 16 September 2017

How fbi hides their crimes against humanity

Government sponsored torture by DEW, etc.

Fri 15 September 2017

EVIL The United States of America no longer exists

Thu 14 September 2017

Millions of innocent persons are locked up

What to do with fbi's own assassins

Wed 13 September 2017

Fbi  is dangerous cyber criminal supreme

Fbi Engages In Crime Spree Authorized By fbi

Tue 12 September 2017

Fbi's future admissions of past crimes

Fbi/cia torture without regard to borders Fbi leads USA straight into Hades My Papers: About Me: Thank you and may Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all who are tortured, murdered and oppressed by fbi/cia and their kind globally. Geral Sosbee

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