Mothers tell your children



A terrible surprise awaits many of our best, hardest working and conscientious young citizens.

From our early years, we mostly were not taught about the barbarity of our own government in their incessant torture, imprison and kill (T I K) programs globally.

As we grow, we are told that so many criminals are among us that we all must get tough on crime (T O C).

Now, in our maturity, we discover that all the alleged and combined offenses reportedly committed  against us by our relatively innocent fellow citizens (even based on so called criminal conviction records) do not equal in human & social damage even a fraction of the destruction caused by the murderous,  sadistic psychopaths who serve under the flag of USA in covert, inhumane & cruel torture schemes which are so horrendous that people can't believe.

So, Mothers tell your children (especially those in poverty, or striving to reach Middle Class) that for many of us (including those who labor in school and work) the ironic inevitability of becoming a victim of fbi, police and vigilante high crime spree is only a matter of time which is counted by the true criminals among us , the fbi/police/lynch mob vigilantes,

T I K   TOC.

Thank you.


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Re: Mothers tell your children

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