The fbi you never really knew



Fbi are liars, murderers, cutthroats & thieves


While the fbi claims to protect the country from violent crime, evidence shows that the fbi lies on several levels. Fbi are the chief perpetrators of crimes across the nation:

Widely known is the fact that fbi issues crime reports each year. The fbi reports are often disputed even by police agencies.

Also, the fbi reports reflect cover up of fbi's own crimes admittedly committed by fbi informants and MAFIA associates.


One must also wonder how many killings of people by fbi & police (trained by fbi to kill) are not classified as homicide or murder.

See My reports (& reports of others targeted for torture and death) to see evidence of serious crimes committed against me by fbi and their federal magistrate judges (fmj) who empower fbi in their crime spree.

One must ask how many suicides are forced on our populace each year by fbi and other agencies who assault citizens and residents with DEW and with extreme psychological operations. Forced suicide is murder.


One is invited to review the following statistics and ask why the fbi spends an incalculable number of years,man hours and money in efforts to silence or kill whistleblowers and others who are innocent and at the same time the fbi always ignores the killers among us.

Fbi's own crimes are almost never recorded.

Generally available in internet are these data:

A. 1.2 million violent crimes occurred in the U.S. last year. Murder by gun: 8490 17000 murderd by gun, last year.

B. Homicide, So far this year in USA: 12410

C. 31,500 suicides this year, 44193 every year.


So, in answer to the above question I can state categorically as a first hand and material witness the following: Fbi attacks innocent people often for sport in efforts to provoke them, or to set them up for false imprisonment or death. Fbi encourages suicide across the USA by 24/7/365 harassment, attacks with DEW and other methods.

Fbi falsifies the crime reports to cover up fbi's own felonies. Fbi is afraid and incompetent to go into the high crime cities like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, et al. in order to stop the killing.

Yet, the fbi spends 50 million dollars on me alone in efforts to kill me. See reports from others who are also targeted by fbi and by corrupt fmj across the nation who want to fraudulently imprison, force suicide or kill innocent people. Thank you kindly.


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This is very interesting comprasion, thanks to the author for the opinion


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This is a very good post which I really enjoy reading. It is not every day that I have the possibility to see something like this.


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