How does a man defend against this...

 fbi hoodlums


Peace, not war, not violence, not brutality How does a man defend against this:

Armed thugs in fbi & police who follow him around and

... who attack him physically and mentally everywhere he goes;

and who use against him DEW weaponry (and bio-chem-viral agents) in their torture, mayhem and attempted murder of his person;

who send police to threaten and harass him;

who use psychopathic doctors (medical & dental) to torture and fraudulently label him as paranoid;

who for decades enters his home and car to destroy both;

who watches and listens to his every word 24/7 and then attack his weak spots;

who terrorizes his wife and alienates his brothers and former friends;

who intentionally destroys his hearing and vision via DEW;

who otherwise commits so many crimes against him that he begins to collapse.


All of this and much more is done to me for 30 years by the cowardly fools of fbi, USPI, police, and vigilantes who often wear badges and always carry guns and who control the courts and Congress completely and brain wash the public with the words, "We protect public safety ".



Re: How does a man defend against this...

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Re: How does a man defend against this...

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